Park Rules

To stop disturbance and inconvenience to our  visitors  here are some rules to
follow while staying in the Grenfell Caravan Park, so please read them

1. Authority  for  conduct of the park  is vested in Park  Managers  or their
representative as delegated by  the General Manager  of Weddin Shire

2. Not abiding by  the rules  herein can result in refusal into the park  or
removal of any persons, tent or caravan.

3. Visitors are required to book in on arrival and check out on final departure.

4. Caravans and tents  must be placed in positions approved by the Park

5. A speed limit of 15 Km/hr must be observed at all times.

6. The caravan park roadway  is a one­way  system  and this must be
observed at all times.

7. Dogs are permitted in the park provided they:
a. are kept on short leads or under  the supervision of a responsible
person at all times; and
b. do not to cause a noise nuisance.

8. Dogs are NOT permitted inside the cabins.

9. Pet owners are responsible for  cleaning up after their  pets. Visitors  that
those who fail to adhere to these rules  will be asked to refrain from
bringing their pets into the park.

10. Visitors must keep the area near their site clean and tidy.

11. Visitors are to keep the toilet and shower facilities as clean as possible.

12. This is a family park, so respect others and keep noise during the day to a
minimum and no noise after 10.30pm.

13. All rubbish must be put in the bins provided. Littering within the park and
surroundings will not be tolerated.

14. Toilet wastes must not be disposed of at the park. Those wishing to empty
their  tanks  can use the dump point nearby  in West Street Grenfell
(opposite the Grenfell Train Station).

15. Parents are asked to control their children at all times and not allow them
to loiter  or play around or within the amenity block or other  camp sites. Children must not be left on their own in a caravan or in the park. Ball and
throwing games must not be played around caravans.

16. Bicycles, scooters and skate equipment are only permitted on the roadway
within the park and no riding around the amenity block or other camp sites
is permitted.

17. Visitors are expected to pay for any unreasonable breakages or damage
to the facilities, amenities, gardens or trees within the park.

18. Weekly visitors are required to pay one (1) week in advance.

19. Visitors are asked not to waste water and please advise reception if you
notice any water leaks.

20. The Grenfell Caravan Park is classified as a short­term stay caravan park
under the State Government Regulations and the maximum length of stay
that is permitted within this classification is 150 days. This is not